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About The Department

About the Department

Duration :
2 years Full time, 8 Semesters
Intake :

Structural Engineering is at the heart of any developed or developing country. Virtually everything that you see in the modern world involves a structure of some shape or form. These include a huge variety of buildings, bridges, railways, airports, water supply systems, water treatment plants, flood defence schemes, oil and gas process plants and power stations. Many examples of construction that remain from the ancient world are also fine examples of structural engineering. Structural engineers help to make, shape and maintain the built environment. They are professionals who enjoy innovation, challenges, opportunities, responsibility and excitement in a varied and very satisfying career. Structural engineering is a profession that provides a tremendous opportunity to make a real difference to peoples' lives and their make a real difference to peoples' lives and their environment.

Course Overview
  • Duration : 2 years full time, 4 semesters with a project of two phases I & II in 3rd and 4th semesters respectively.
  • Intake : 24 per each year.
  • Entry Requirements : A pass in Under Graduate in Civil Engineering with 60% or 6 CGPA
I Year

As beginners, students are engaged with the fundamentals of structural engineering like

Structural dynamics
Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
II Year :

Let them step into the design and analysis part of the core subjects with proper practical explanations like

Finite Element Analysis
Steel Structures
III Year :

Make them earn the most required design knowledge of both Industrial and Tall structures with Phase I of the project

Theory of Plates
Industrial Structures
IV Year :

Project Phase I

The students have gained the design and analysis knowledge of steel and concrete structures and fundamentals of structural engineering, during their first half of course. In order to improve their research skill the students are guided to do a project individually.

Career Scope

As master degree holders, students can be getting a job as soon as they have finished their degree. The opportunities are widely open as the high rise structures and steel structures are the trend now. The most important aspect is that the course is not only making them as employees, but give them an opportunity to become an ENTREPRENEUR as design consultants. Apart from that they have wide open in the public and private sectors like

Design engineers in public Sectors like:

  • NTPC
  • NLC
Admission open