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Internal Quality Assurance cell (IQAC)
Quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of an institution's system and work towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of institution. It aims at sustaining and promoting a quality culture in the institution.
Designing and implementation of annual plan for Institution
Arranging for feedback from students
Development and Application of quality bench marks / parameters for the various Academic and Administrative activities of the Institution.
Retrieval of Information on various quality parameters of Higher Education and best practices followed by other Institutions.
Organization of workshops and seminars on quality.
Development and application of innovative practices in various programmes / activities leading to quality enhancement.
Participation in the creation of learner – centric environment conducive for quality education.
Working for the development of Internationalization and Institutionalization of quality enhancement policies and practices.
Acting as a nodal unit of the Institution for augmenting quality – related activities.
Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement

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