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Faculty plays an important role in making of life of any student in any college/ institution irrespective of the stream/subjects/branch of specialization etc. they do help in motivating the students to do better in every domain and help them achieving goals. Accordingly, to boost the morals/faith of faculty on quality teaching aspects serving under RVS GoI as a policy , it has been decided to honor every year ”ONE BEST TEACHER” from every college/ Institution under RVS education Trust. The “BEST TEACHER” would be honored and rewarded in a special function with a cash prize of Rs.7500/- with a shawl and certificate of appreciation being given by the Hon’ble Dr.K.V.Kuppusamy, Chairman of RVS Educational Trust.

The selection will be based on the recommendation of HODs, Principals, feedback given by the students concerned of a particular college/ Institution. “BEST TEACHER” will be judged based on his / her activities / contribution during the complete academic year relating to his / her teaching and learning practices.

In view of above, all the faculties are expected to take a note and work accordingly.

Admission open