Counselling Code : 2776

Construction Engineering & Management

About the Department

Duration :
2 years Full time, 4 Semesters
Intake :

Construction engineering and management field apply scientific and technical knowledge to the processes used to construct infrastructure projects. Graduates in Construction engineering and management can apply their broader knowledge to the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. The instructional program is highly interdisciplinary and aims at developing strong abilities to conduct construction engineering and management work involving basic concepts and principles, technical analysis, planning, design, and management, and the development of knowledge that positively impacts the A/E/C industry. The program provides the student with skills in planning, designing, and implementing construction processes and systems. The course offers both awareness of construction concepts and an understanding of scientific and technical knowledge to address construction problems. Applications are made to a variety of engineering and management systems.

Course Overview
  • Duration : 2 years full time, 4 semesters with a project of two phases I & II in 3rd and 4th semesters respectively.
  • Intake : 24 per each year.
  • Entry Requirements : A pass in Under Graduate in Civil Engineering with 60% or 6 CGPA
I Year

As beginners, students are engaged with the fundamentals of construction work process like

  • Modern Construction Materials
  • Project Formulation & Appraisal
II Year :

The students are get introduce to the meaning of planning and scheduling of construction works

  • Construction Planning, Scheduling & Controlling
  • Contract Laws & Regulations
  • Construction Project Management
III Year :

As the students are well familiarized with Construction Process and Management, they are getting introduced to the quality control & construction safety

  • Quality Control & Assurance in Construction
  • Project Safety Management
  • Project Phase I
IV Year :

As they gained the planning & scheduling knowledge, management and quality control of any projects, they guided to do the projects with all the knowledge they gained.

  • Project Phase II

Career Scope

As every field needs planning and management, one of the leading industries at present construction & Infra structures also needs management department to utilize the available resources and plan to finish the mega projects within scheduled time. So the requirement for construction management experts is widely open. The most job giving areas for the CEM graduates are as follows

Design engineers in public Sectors like:

  • Entrepreneur Resource Planning – in mega projects
  • Inventory Control Manager – Stock Maintenance
  • Planning Engineers – Construction Concerns
Admission open