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The RVS Technical campus intends to be the preeminent research and teaching institution linking the people of our institutions to the nation and the world by providing quality, career focused education and world class specializations.
To be a world class Institution for Engineering and Managerial Education by imparting quality education of global standards and formulate students academically superior, socially committed, ethically strong and culturally rich citizens.
Our mission is to
Provide advanced facilities of teaching and practical training
Develop a holistic personality of the leaders
Make this Institute as a center of research
Strengthen Industry – Institute interface and promote entrepreneurial development activities.
Quality Policy
We shall endeavor to continually enhance customer satisfaction by improving the quality of teaching services and supporting processes to develop our students into mature engineers and managers.
Mission Statement
The primary purpose of our group of institutions is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and enrich and elevate society.
The mission of the RVS TCC is to:
Provide a high quality educational experience to undergraduate students in a diverse learning environment--promoting the values and institutions of democracy that prepare students to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility in a global society;
Prepare the next generations of skilled and ethical professionals by providing excellent graduate and professional education that prepares graduates to compete in a diverse world market;
Promote a campus environment that welcomes and honors women and men of all communities, religions, cultures and an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, and academic freedom and integrity;
Offer a wide variety of off-campus educational and training programs, including the use of information technologies, to individual and groups;
Partner with communities to provide educational, technical and cultural support to increase the livability of those communities; and Partner with industry and government to improve the quality of the workplace and to serve as an engine for economic and cultural development.

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