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Greetings from RVS Technical Campus - Coimbatore

As a student and as a teacher, I have always held the view that every learner is capable of making a mark in education, occupation, and life if the learner is given equal space and level-playing opportunities. If I am what I am today, it is due to the inclusive nature of education. If our country has made greater strides in engineering in general and the IT sector in particular, it is because of the opportunities provided to learners of all backgrounds.

Another important belief of mine is that without a mastery of the basic concepts underlying any engineering branch, we cannot go too far in the field. We cannot hope to build a superstructure without a good foundation. The acquisition of the fundamentals leads to further learning. Critical thinking and opinion and argument development naturally follow. We finally end up with develop the ability to apply the general principles to new settings. This core competency will equip students for all current and future demands.

I strongly believe that significant learning occurs when theory is integrated with practice. I can still feel the impact of my teachers having brought the prototypes and models to explain away how various devices worked. This kind of demonstration will greatly improve the conceptual understanding of the subject.

The challenge is to stimulate curiosity, as well as learning, by linking material to students’ existing knowledge and experience. This can be accomplished by supplementing lectures with structured discussions, demonstrations, or cooperative learning activities that encourage students to think actively about the material and relate to it personally and practically.

In my opinion, all engineering studies have become interdisciplinary. We will have to design a curriculum that should offer different combinations of engineering branches and subjects. For example, branches such as Mechatronics and Electrochemical are already being offered. Electrical Vehicles are predicted to change the entire complexion of the automobile industry. This development calls for an integrated approach towards automobile, electrical and chemical engineering branches. Information Communication Technology has started playing a big role in electrical engineering. Smart Grid and the Internet of Things (IoT) are applications made possible because of this combination.

For a significant understanding of the interrelatedness to happen, we need to ensure that students undertake field trips, industrial visits, internships, and foreign study exchange programs in right earnest. To the maximum possible extent, students have to be encouraged to do in-house projects with the guidance of industry experts.

An emphasis on the discovery of knowledge fosters an appreciation of research design and methodology, and more generally, of the importance of critical evaluation. These skills make students thoughtful consumers of scientific ideas presented in both academic and popular media sources.

Welcome to our RVS Technical Campus - Coimbatore

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